Friday, 27 March 2009

move from blogger

This, the address, is that which most people will have bookmarked for 'eartrip', or will come across through google searches: however, please note that I’ve now moved the Eartrip site over to wordpress as it offers more features than Blogger (even if the text editing is rather lousy and time-consuming). The old posts will stay on blogger but the site won’t be updated: so remember change your bookmarks to the new, wordpress site, to keep up with the latest developments.


Friday, 19 September 2008

eartrip - issue 2

Hello again.

It's been a while, but the long-promised second issue of 'eartrip' is here. Included are interviews with Hugh Hopper and Alexander Hawkins, an audio feature on Politics and Jazz, a defence of John Zorn, and a large reviews section which covers many recent jazz/improv CD releases/re-issues, as well as George Lewis' excellent AACM book.

The magazine is available, in PDF Format, by going to the download link below:

Or to this alternate link:

Dick Bowman's also put it up on his FTP server:

And finally, if you don' want to do all that reading onscreen, you can get a print copy (A5, black and white) from The cost is £8.04, including postage. As with the first issue, this print option has been set up by Dick Bowman, to whom I'm very grateful, and neither he nor I get a profit - all the money goes to

The download link for Anthony Whiteford's Politics and Jazz audio feature is included inside the magazine, but I thought I'd also make it available as an online stream: click the button and listen below.

Anyhow, enjoy and please leave feedback (either by email or as a blog comment).

David Grundy

Thursday, 17 April 2008

eartrip 1 now available as hard copy

I've had some comments about the difficulty of reading 200 pages off a screen, and asking about hard-copy options. Well, for those who had those problems, and for those who like to have a physical object in their hands, 'Eartrip' has now been set up as a project at online publisher lulu (thanks, once again, to Dick Bowman). It'll come in A5, black and white, paperback book format. Cost to the UK is just over £8, including P & P costs (from Spain).

In case anyone's wondering, no one's getting any money from this about from At least at this stage, I'm not really comfortable with running 'Eartrip' for profit.

Here's the link:

Friday, 4 April 2008

eartrip issue 1 now available on FTP server

Dick Bowman, a member of the forums, has kindly offered to host 'eartrip' files on his FTP server:

With David's permission I've put the Eartrip pdf onto my FTP server.
You should be able to reach it by sending your FTP client to and doing all the geeky "anonymous" and email address stuff. You'll find an Eartrip folder.
I've downloaded remotely from this server a few times, so it might work - please advise of problems (email to
The plan is that the file (and future issues) will be there for the foreseeable future (or until the box breaks). Currently too mean/poor/incompetent to give it a domain name - anyone winning the lottery using the IP address numbers please donate 10% of your winnings to the RUCMA Cultural Emergency Fund.

Or try popping this web address into your browser:

Friday, 28 March 2008

eartrip - the first issue


Well here it is - the first issue of 'eartrip', a new magazine focussing on jazz and experimental musics. In this issue, there are articles on jazz blogs, on New York bassist and composer William Parker, on the recent collaboration between Anthony Braxton and Cecil Taylor, and on free improvisation, as well as extensive album and gig review sections, and an interview with British jazz pioneers Mike and Kate Westbrook.

The magazine is available, in PDF Format, by going to the download link below:

Alternate link one:

Alternate link two:

Enjoy and please leave feedback (either by email or as a blog comment).

That's it for now.

David Grundy